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Henry VI, Holy Roman Emperor House of Hohenstaufen

Henry VI, Holy Roman Emperor

Henry VI (November 1165 – 28 September 1197) was King of Germany from 1190 to 1197, Holy Roman Emperor from 1191 to 1197 and King of Sicily from 1194 to 1197.

Coronation as Emperor

In April 1191, in Rome, Henry and Constance were crowned Emperor and Empress by Pope Celestine III. The crown of Sicily, however, was harder to gain, as the barons of southern Italy had chosen a grandson of Roger II, Tancred, count of Lecce, as their king. Henry began his work besieging Naples, but he had to return to Germany (where Henry the Lion had revolted again) after his army had been heavily hit by an epidemic. Constance, who stayed behind in the palace at Salerno, was betrayed by the Salernitans, handed over to Tancred, and only released on the intervention of Celestine III, who in return recognized Tancred as King of Sicily. Henry had a stroke of fortune when the duke of Austria Leopold gave him his prisoner, the King of Eng…

Northern Spain [Basque] 19.05% - Aragonese
Germany: Saxony [Sorbs] 18.18% - Swabians - Lombards
Holland: Zeeland, Southwestern Netherlands 13.04% - Normans
Pyrenees, Spain 12.88% - Aragonese
Southern Ireland 10.28% - Anglo-Saxons - Normans


2.3% - SC - Scotland - Anglo-Saxons - Normans
2.0% - FI - Finland - Longobards - Lombards
1.9% - CP - center Portugal - Spanish
1.5% - SG - south Germany - Lombards
1.4% - NG - north Germany - Normans
1.2% - NO - Norway - Longobards - Lombards, Norse - Normans
1.0% - SP - south Portugal - Spanish
0.5% - FR - France - Normans - Angevin French
0.5% - NP - north Portugal - Spanish
0.4% - EN - England - Anglo-Saxons - Normans


Super Western Atlantic Modal Haplotype

The Western Atlantic Modal Haplotype is the most common Y-DNA signature of Europe’s most common Haplogroup, R1b. Simply put your ancestors have experienced a dramatic population explosion over the past 10,000 years, probably s…
NOBILIARIO DI SICILIA Barone di Santo Stefano di Mistretta [+donna Maria-Carolina Trigona, dei principi di S.Elia, n.1896; o Pier Marino Albanese, figlio di donna Giovanna Albanese, nata Trigona].

Santo Stefano di Mistretta

Dott. A. Mango di Casalgerardo
da Traversa a Trovato
Santo Stefano Di Camastra ME Santo Stefano Di Camastra ME

Barone di Contrada Felicita
Barone di Contrada Sparta
Barone di Contrada Antara
Barone di Contrada Puzzarello
Europe's Cro-Magnon people. Hg U5a1a – (HV-2: 309+C) – Italy or N Caucasus
Hg U5ala – (HV1+2: 16270T, 16256T, 16399G, 309+C)- Italy / Adygei
SW France, N. Spain

M343A - Hg R1b - W. Europe
P-25A – Hg R1b1 - SW France, N Spain
M269C – Hg R1b1c - SW France, N Spain

35,000 YBP, M343 are the direct descendants of Europe's Cro-Magnon people. The Franks or the Frankish peoples were mainly proto-German speaking peoples such as the Salians, Sicambri, Chamavi, Tencteri, Chattuarii, Bructeri, Usipetes, Ampsivarii. These peoples fo…