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John Raciti - Web Applications & Print

Web Applications & Print Bootstrap Applications: Published on Dec 24, 2015 Efficient Workforce Management – Rostering / Award Interpretation / Time & Attendance / Labour Productivity Range of Websites: Published on Mar 26, 2015 TAHPI Bootstrap Website: Published on Dec 24, 2015 TAHPI Print Brochure: Published on Feb 19, 2015 Web Presentation: Published on Mar 10, 2014 Graphics Web & Print Portfolio: Published on Feb 19, 2014 IBM Learning Management Systems: Published on Feb 23, 2013 Banking iPad Apps: Published on Feb 04, 2011 Web Applications & Print: Published on Dec 14, 2010 Bootstrap Designer / Developer, Angular JS, Ajax, PHP, HTML5 RACITI DESIGNS – Call John Raciti on 0415 236 352 ASX & Fortune 500 Employers & Clients RACITI DESIGNS – Call John Raciti on 0415 236 352. ABN 44 176 718 301 UTS Accomplish Award 2015 16 Years Experience: Partner – CWX Collections and Receivables Management – Australian Govt & the Americas Head of Design: Graphic UI Designer – Development – Usability Designer Rubik Financial Limited (RFL – Australian Securities Exchange) Partner – Pty Limited Senior Graphic Designer Dymocks Books Graphic Design Manager TAHPI – Total Alliance Health Partners International / HPI – Health Projects International One of the oldest and largest Health Planning firms in the world Lecturer, Web Design and Content Coordinator -Graphic Designer / Digital Content Manager / Webmaster RedHill Education (RDH – Australian Securities Exchange) A group of Australian-based education businesses at the premium end of the education services market Graphic Designer & MS Excel Content Specialist Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority Responsible for a national curriculum from kindergarten to Year 12 Product Development Executive (Global Training & Improvement Solutions) System Admin LMS -Kenexa IBM SAI Global (SAI Global Limited ASX‎) Provides access to Standards, legislative and property publications; auditing; product and management system certification; supply chain… OPS (Online Production Specialist) Team Leader Telstra Corp / Sensis (ASX: TLS) Australia’s largest telecommunications and media company which builds and operates telecommunications networks and markets voice, mobile, internet access, pay television and other entertainment products and services Web Designer & Web Developer Teachers Mutual Bank One of the largest mutual banks in Australia, with more than 156,000 members and assets of $4.22 billion Studio Production Manager Financial Planning Association of Australia Ltd Represents qualified financial planners in Australia Multimedia Lead Lecturer – Multimedia Course Coordinator Central Queensland University An Australian dual sector university based in Queensland Multimedia Lecturer / Pre-Press printing TAFE Sydney Institute A public tertiary education provider Online Web Manager Yellow Brick Road (ASX: YBR) Manager Web Projects-GE Consumer Level 3 GE Capital (NYSE: GE) Financial services unit of the American conglomerate General Electric Flash Front-End Developer. Department of Defence of Australia / Australian Army Australian Government Graphic & Multimedia Design Teacher Raffles College of Design and Commerce A private higher education provider Graphic Design Teacher Martin College An Australian vocational education and training provider Graphic Design Teacher Study Group Web Designer & Developer (Senior Management – Web Admin) NSW Planning and Infrastructure NSW Government Graphic Designer (Management) AUDI AG (FRA: NSU) German automotive manufacturer Graphic Designer (Management) Hyundai Motor Company Australia (KRX: 005380) South Korean multinational automotive manufacturer Africa | India | China | Singapore | Japan | Philippines | United Arab Emirates | USA | Australia | Italy | France | Belgium

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Nicholas II of Russia

Nicholas II of Russia Nicholas II of Russia has been predicted as having an R1b haplotype. DYS 393 390 19 391 385a 385b 439 389i 392 389ii 458 456 635 Y-GATA-H4 437 438 448 Alleles 13 24 14 10 11 14 11 13 13 29 17 16 24 12 15 12 19

A common link between - Pharaoh Tutankhamun, Akhenaten and Amenhotep III & Nicholas II of Russia...

A common link between - Pharaoh Tutankhamun, Akhenaten and Amenhotep III & Nicholas II of Russia... Ancient Greek & Roman DNA ties sharing R1b1a2... The quest now to unlock L278...

Norman DNA - DYS464X 15c-15c-17c-17g - Ancient Greek & Roman DNA ties R1b1a2...

Kings & Queens of England or Great Britain James I (1566-1625) => R1b-L21 (Y-DNA) Charles I (1600-1649) => T2 (mtDNA) ; R1b-L21 (Y-DNA) Charles II (1630-1685) => H (mtDNA) ; R1b-L21 (Y-DNA) James II (1633-1701) => H (mtDNA) ; R1b-L21 (Y-DNA) Edward VII (1841-1910) => H (mtDNA) R1b-U106 (Z305+) (Y-DNA) George V (1865-1936) => T2 (mtDNA) R1b-U106 (Z305+) (Y-DNA) Edward VIII (1894-1972) => R1b-U106 (Z305+) (Y-DNA) George VI (1895-1952) => R1b-U106 (Z305+) (Y-DNA) Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh => H (mtDNA) ; R1b (Y-DNA) Charles, Prince of Wales => R1b (Y-DNA) Prince William, Duke of Cambridge => R30b (mtDNA) ; R1b (Y-DNA) Kings & Queens of Denmark All the Kings of Denmark since Christian I (reigned from 1448) belonged to haplogroup R1b (Y-DNA) Christian I (1426-1481) John (1455-1513) Christian II (1481-1559) Frederick I Christian III => T2 (mtDNA) Frederick II Christian IV => T2 (mtDNA) Frederick III Christian V Frederick IV Christian VI Frederick V Christian VII Frederick VI => T2 (mtDNA) Christian VIII => T2 (mtDNA) Frederick VII Christian IX (1818-1906) Frederick VIII (1843-1912) => T2 (mtDNA) Christian X (1870-1947) Frederick IX (1899-1972) Kings of Norway Haakon VII (1872-1957) => R1b (Y-DNA) Olav V (1903-1991) => T2 (mtDNA) ; R1b (Y-DNA) Harald V (1937-) => R1b (Y-DNA) Kings & Queens of Sweden Christian I (1426-1481) => R1b (Y-DNA) John (1455-1513) => R1b (Y-DNA) Christian II (1481-1559) => R1b (Y-DNA) Margraves, Dukes & Archdukes of Austria Leopold I, Margrave of Austria (died 994) => R1b (Y-DNA) Henry I, Margrave of Austria (died 1018) => R1b (Y-DNA) Adalbert, Margrave of Austria (c. 985-1055) => R1b (Y-DNA) Ernest, Margrave of Austria (1027-1075) => R1b (Y-DNA) Leopold II, Margrave of Austria (1050-1095) => R1b (Y-DNA) Leopold III, Margrave of Austria (1073-1136) => R1b (Y-DNA) Leopold IV, Margrave of Austria, aka Leopold I, Duke of Bavaria (1108-1141) => R1b (Y-DNA) Henry II, Duke of Austria, aka Henry XI, also Duke of Bavaria (1107-1177) => R1b (Y-DNA) Leopold V, Duke of Austria (1157-1194) => R1b (Y-DNA) Frederick I, Duke of Austria (c. 1175-1198) => R1b (Y-DNA) Leopold VI, Duke of Austria (1176-1230) => R1b (Y-DNA) Frederick II, Duke of Austria (1211-1246) => R1b (Y-DNA) Kings & Queens of the Belgians Leopold I (1790-1865) => H (mtDNA) R1b-U106 (Z305+) (Y-DNA) Leopold II (1835-1909) => H9 (mtDNA) R1b-U106 (Z305+) (Y-DNA) Albert I (1875-1934) => R1b-U106 (Z305+) (Y-DNA) Leopold III (1901-1983) => R1b-U106 (Z305+) (Y-DNA) Baldwin I (1930-1993) => R1b-U106 (Z305+) (Y-DNA) Albert II (b. 1934) => R1b-U106 (Z305+) (Y-DNA) Kings & Queens of Portugal Pedro V (1837-1861) => H (mtDNA) R1b-U106 (Z305+) (Y-DNA) Luís I (1838-1889) => H (mtDNA) R1b-U106 (Z305+) (Y-DNA) Carlos I (1863-1908) => R1b-U106 (Z305+) (Y-DNA) Manuel II (1889-1932) => R1b-U106 (Z305+) (Y-DNA) Tsars & Empress of Russia Romanov dynasty since Paul I => R1b (Y-DNA) : Paul I (1754-1801) Alexander I (1777-1825) Constantine I (1779-1831) Nicholas I (1796-1855) Alexander II (1818-1881) Alexander III (1845-1894) Nicholas II (1868-1918) => T2 (mtDNA) Kings & Queens of Greece George I (1845-1913) => T2 (mtDNA) ; R1b (Y-DNA) Constantine I (1868-1923) => R1b (Y-DNA) Sophia of Prussia (1870-1932) => H (mtDNA) Princess Alice of Battenberg (1885-1969) => H (mtDNA) Alexander (1893-1920) => H (mtDNA) ; R1b (Y-DNA) George II (1890-1947) => H (mtDNA) ; R1b (Y-DNA) Tsars of Bulgaria Ferdinand I (1861-1948) => R1b-U106 (Z305+) (Y-DNA) Boris III (1894-1943) => R1b-U106 (Z305+) (Y-DNA) Simeon II (b. 1937) => R1b-U106 (Z305+) (Y-DNA) Kings & Queens of Scotland James III (1451-1488) => U5b* (mtDNA) Kings & Queens of Germany Elisabeth of Bavaria (c. 1227-1273) => U5b* (mtDNA) Elizabeth of Carinthia (1262-1312) => U5b* (mtDNA) Frederick the Fair, Duke of Austria and King of Germany (1289-1330) => U5b* (mtDNA) Joanna of Bavaria, Queen of Germany and Bohemia (c. 1362–1386) => U5b* (mtDNA) Albert II of Germany (1397-1439) => U5b* (mtDNA) Margraves, Dukes & Archdukes of Austria Rudolf I of Habsburg, Duke of Austria and Styria, King of Bohemia, and titular King of Poland (1282-1307) => U5b* (mtDNA) Frederick I the Fair, Duke of Austria and Styria, and King of Germany (1289-1330) => U5b* (mtDNA) Leopold I of Habsburg, Duke of Austria and Styria (1290-1326) => U5b* (mtDNA) Albert II of Habsburg, Duke of Austria (1298-1358) => U5b* (mtDNA) Otto I of Habsburg, Duke of Austria (1301-1339) => U5b* (mtDNA) Albert II, King of Germany and Archduke of Austria (1397-1439) => U5b* (mtDNA) Dukes/Kings & Queens of Bavaria Louis II, Duke of Bavaria (1229-1294) => U5b* (mtDNA) Henry XIII, Duke of Bavaria (1235-1290) => U5b* (mtDNA) William II, Duke of Bavaria, Count of Holland, Zeeland and Hainaut (1365–1417) => U5b* (mtDNA) Albert II (1369-1397) => U5b* (mtDNA) John III, Duke of Bavaria-Straubing, Count of Holland and Hainaut (1374/76-1425) => U5b* (mtDNA) Louis IX, Duke of Bavaria-Landshut (1417-1479) => U5b* (mtDNA) Dukes/Kings & Queens of Bohemia Boleslaus II the Pious (920-999) => H (mtDNA) Henry VI of Carinthia (c. 1270–1335) => U5b* (mtDNA) Rudolf I of Habsburg (1282-1307) => U5b* (mtDNA) Joanna of Bavaria (c. 1362–1386) => U5b* (mtDNA) Albert II of Germany (1397-1439) => U5b* (mtDNA) Kings & Queens of France Francis I (1494-1547) => U5b* (mtDNA) Henry IV (1553-1610) => G2a3 (Y-DNA) U5b* (mtDNA) Kings & Queens of Spain Philip I of Castile, King of Castile and ruler of the Burgundian Netherlands => U5b* (mtDNA) R1b in St Clair, Sinclair DNA; Charlemagne

Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Tutankhamun DNA Project:

The Tutankhamun DNA Project: Tutankhamun belongs to the haplogroup R1b1a2, which more than 50% of all men in Western Europe belong to. Y-DNA profile of Tutankhamun (I'm Genetic Distance -1) from Tutankhamun... DYS393 DYS390 DYS19** DYS391 DYS385 DYS426 DYS388 DYS439 DYS389I DYS392 DYS389II*** 13 24 14 11 11-14 12 12 12 13 13 30 (I'm 29) Tutankhamun Y-DNA testing on some of the related male Mummies of the 18th Dynasty of Egypt revealed them to belong to R1b1a2. However the Y-chromosome of King Tut has never been published, and his DNA profile was reconstructed by Swiss scientists at Zurich-based DNA genealogy centre, iGENEA, based on some screencaps from a Discovery Channel documentary that may or may not belong to the Pharaoh. Emperor Nicholas II (I'm Genetic Distance -2) from Nicholas II of Russia... Nicholas II of Russia has been predicted as having an R1b haplotype. Niall of the Nine Hostages (I'm Genetic Distance -2) from Niall of the Nine Hostages Colla Uais (I'm Genetic Distance -2) from Colla Uais U5a1c is mostly found in eastern Europe and Russia...

Friday, October 12, 2012

DYS464X: 15c-15c-17c-17g

DYS464X: 15c-15c-17c-17g Germany >> France >> England >> Wales >> Scotland >> Ireland Germany >> France >> Spain >> Ireland >> Wales >> Scotland >> England R1b1 England Scotland United Kingdom R1b1a2 Germany England Scotland Ireland United Kingdom R1b1a2a1a1a England R1b1a2a1a1a3 Germany R1b1a2a1a1b Spain England Scotland Ireland United Kingdom R1b1a2a1a1b3c Germany England R1b1a2a1a1b4 Germany France United Kingdom England Wales Scotland Ireland R1b1a2a1a1b4g Scotland Ireland R1b1a2a1a1b4h Ireland R1b1a2a1a1b5a France England

Monday, February 13, 2012

DYS464X=cccg - Anglo-Saxon Gene: Frisian, Saxon or Angle...


Anglo-Saxon Gene: Frisian, Saxon or Angle...

The “oldest” Swiss/Dutch cluster of L257 (defined by U106*-like DYS464X=cccg) was found in the neighborhood of Aargau, northern Swiss. A peculiar Swiss tradition has it that Swiss was populated in the Migration Period by a considerable contigent of Frisians (Frisian, Saxon or Angle).