U5a1a - R1b1c6

Haplogroup U5a1a is described as "a lineage within Haplogroup U5-arose in Europe less than 20,000 years ago, and is mainly found in northwest and north-central Europe. The modern distribution of haplogroup U5a1a suggests that individuals bearing this haplogroup were part of the populations that had tracked the retreat of ice sheets from Europe.

The frequency of (R1b1c6) SRY2627 is highest in Basques, where it makes up 21% of R1b. Its R1b frequency in northern Portuguese was 2.9%. Similar values were obtained for Spanish samples. Based on very small numbers the Northern French R1b sample reached 9%. The Bavarian R1b estimate was 5%. Dutch and Belgian estimates were 2.5%. The only indication of it being present in Britain or Ireland came from Anglia where it had a frequency about 1%.

Basques: 21%
Northern Portuguese: 2.9%.
Northern French: 9%.
Bavarian: 5%.
Dutch and Belgian: 2.5%.
Britain or Ireland came from Anglia: 1%.

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