I share histories with: Latin, Finnic, Celtic, and Germanic Europe.

I share histories with: Latin, Finnic, Celtic, and Germanic Europe.

Indigenous peoples of Europe:

Y-DNA: R1b1c* AMH

The Basque people of northern Spain and southern France.

mtDNA: U5a1a

The Sami people of northern Scandinavia.

Latin Europe: R1b1c* AMH


Walloons: R1b1c* AMH

The name is derived from "walhaz", which was a term used by the ancient Germanic Tribes to refer to "Celtic" people. (Other modern derivatives of "walhaz" include "Welsh", "Wallis", and "Wallachia".) A more modern popular interpretation attributed to "Wallonia" is "the land of the valleys" (i.e., reading "wal-" as cognate with French "vallée", etc.), which has been used by the ministry of tourism in touristic road signs, typically in French as "pays des vallées". The part of Wallonia south and east of the Meuse is indeed remarkably hilly.

Recent genetic studies in Wallonia have shown in Y-chromosomes that most Walloons share their genes with the Celts.

Finnic peoples: U5a1a

* Finns
* Estonians
* Sami
* Mordvins
* Udmurts
* Mari
* Komi
* Karelians

Celtic Europe: R1b1c* AMH / U5a1a

* Irish
* Scots
* Welsh
* Bretons
* Cornish
* Manx

# Germanic Europe: R1b1c* AMH / U5a1a

* Germans+Austrians+Alemannic Swiss+Luxembourgers
* English
* Scandinavians
* Dutch+Flemish
* Frisians

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