Friday, October 19, 2007

My matches: The Gael and Cymbri...

Cummins, Commins, Comines, Cummings, Comine, Cummin, Comyn, Cumming/s, Cummine, Cuming, Cumine, Cumyn, Cummyn, Commyn

Etheridge, Etheredge, Etherege, Etherige, Ettridge, Etridge, Everidge, Attridge

Elliott, Elliott, Elliot, Eliot, Eliott, Ellegett, Ellegot, Ellecot, Ellacott, Ellacot, Ellgate, Ellett, Ellit

Cymraeg - Cymru - Wales - The Gael and Cymbri - Gallic - Gaelic - Danes.

Haug, Hughes, Hugh, Hews, Hughs, Hues, Huse

Quesnel, Quesnell, Quesnelle, Quesnoy, Quesnay, Quesne, Quesneau, du Quesnel, du Quesnell, Quennell, Quennel, Du Quesnoy, du Quesnay, du Quesne

Vance, Vans, Vaux, de Vallibus

Norman - Vikings, or Norsemen

Welsh settlement in Argentina

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