The Merovingian kings DNA - Salian Franks DNA - Gauls DNA.

The Merovingian kings DNA - Salian Franks DNA - Gauls DNA.

I believe - there are strong connections with The Merovingian kings, Salian Franks, Gauls, Saxons and Longobards / Lombards. These various Germanic peoples were from the Rhine delta area. The DNA is 6% exact with Wales - Galles (in Italian) Galles, Gallic, Gauls... The DNA is 2% exact with Gallo-Roman/Norman/Lombard Sicilians. It has been has to tell the difference between Franks, Saxons and Lombards. I'm starting to think it going to take some time before we can. I know that The Merovingian kings were R1b1c Atlantic Modal Haplotype (AMH). They were not Semitic in origin like history tells... or were they the lost ten tribes?
Group Administrator of the Nordic and Celtic DNA Project - (Saami & Iberian).

Descendant of The Saami, reindeer hunters of Scandinavia and The Cro-Magnon of southern France.

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Sarah Hart said...

Randomly researching the link between red hair and merovingian dna is how I came to share this with whoever is reading.

A few years ago, my maternal grandparents went thru 23andme for genetic/ancestry testing. My grandfather's paternal haplogroup is R1b.. and trails off with more numbers and letters something 2f, can't remember exactly. Maternal haplogroup is U4c1.

Northwestern European: 97% - British/Irish:69%;French/German:3%;Scandinavian:.2%
... towards the end, two unexpected listings: Southern European:.8% - Iberian:.6% /\ North African:.2% .... Knowing his great-grandmother was half Cherokee... the dark hair, eyes, and easy ability to tan was thought to be why.

His father, uncles/aunts, and grandparents resembled the "black Irish". My friends have asked if he was Italian from old photos.. he would have laughed at that. We always watched The Godfather on Thanksgiving but no, not Italian before testing nor after. :)

Grandfather's had a male cousin (their fathers' brothers) who had 6 daughters all redheaded, so when the trait for red hair wasn't found, it didn't make sense. According to our family lineage, I would be the 36th great-grand-daughter to Charles the Great. (Grandmother's goes to Heinrich I & Matilda von Saxony something, I think?)

The "Neanderthal DNA" listed 285 variants and 1 genome.. thinking it's red hair, not height My grandfather was 6'3" and his parents, grandparents were above average height. Grandmother's 303 Perhaps, current testing isn't as accurate with Neanderthal DNA instead of homo sapiens, in my opinion.

Well, thanks for reading if you made it to here! ~ Sarah

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