Normans, Anglo-Saxons, Norse, Longobards

In my recent study I have found a strong connection with these people:

Anglo-Saxons (with Normans)
Norse (with Normans)
Longobards (with Lombards)


2.3% - SC - Scotland
2.0% - FI - Finland
1.9% - CP - center Portugal
1.5% - SG - south Germany
1.4% - NG - north Germany
1.2% - NO - Norway
1.0% - SP - south Portugal
0.5% - FR - France
0.5% - NP - north Portugal
0.4% - EN - England


Wales 6%
British Isles 5%
United Kingdom 4%
Great Britain 4%
Iceland 4%
Scotland 4%
Holland 4%
Netherlands 4%
France 4%

1 comment:

Antonino said...

I recently took my DNA test, I am Haplogroup I1, after testing many SNPs I found my people lived in Pannonia, this is the area where the Longobards lived plus my last name Angil-xxx
is a Longobard name. Alighi-eri, Garib-aldi are also from Longobad language.
Anyone knows if the I1 is realted closely to the Longobatds? More I know and more I can help others.
My roots are from Marsala/Trapani, Sicily where a large concentration of Normans lived.

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