Nordic and Celtic DNA Project - (Saami & Iberian).

Nordic and Celtic DNA Project - (Saami & Iberian).

Project Background:
This project is open to both yDNA paternal lines and mtDNA maternal lines of Nordic and of Celtic-Iberian origins.

This project is designed to show evidence of deep ancestral patterns found within Celtic-Iberians and Scandinavian settlements throughout Europe.

The term Iberian (Celtic) people is used for those who are descendant of the Cro-Magnon and who have integrated with other European countries i.e. R1b.

The term Nordic people is used for those who have come from North Europe and who have integrated with other European countries as well as North Africa and Eastern Europe and the Near East i.e. U5.

What I am trying to find out in the project is to what extent have these two major European groups have spread through out Europe and its neighboring continents North and South America, Africa and Asia.

In the process of creating this project - I have welcomed many other halpogroups to this project. This has also helped with calculating the percentages and diversity of various cultures and different people when observing any region of Europe. This project shows how there are many more other native European halpotypes found in Europe i.e. H, K, T, U and V and how neighboring continents have shaped what makes Europe today.

The Nordic & Celtic DNA Project started back in April 2006 and now is one of the largest Family Tree DNA group that has 1389 members and growing (3rd largest Family Tree DNA group).

This project is providing us with information and evidence about the different types of European groups that exist and how these main groups have migrated to different countries / areas within Europe.

Family Tree DNA members from all around the globe can join who can show that they are grandchildren and great-grandchildren of European heritage.

If you have any questions, please email me at:,,

Project Goals:
Our goal is to show how people of Celtic-Iberian and Scandinavian origins have integrated themselves throughout European countries.

The project is about finding out to what degree of social assimilation occurred between these groups of people throughout the history of Europe?

The focus of the project is to gather a representation of evidence and interest in Native Scandinavians and Native Celtic-Iberians found in ‘all’ parts of Europe.

Addressing the question:

To what extent did both groups help contribute to the European population today and how they got there through human migration over the centuries?

Using the genetic testing information provided in this project many people around the world with European heritage might be able to, in the near future connect biological with their Scandinavian, Germanic or Celtic-Iberian siblings and the relatives of their forefathers.

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